Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Christmas!!

It’s only the 2nd day of September but yesterday while bloghopping, I noticed a lot of post and entries about Christmas already! Wow! Some even started the countdown. And yes, Christmas is just around the corner!

And with that, Jan’s coffee break this week is all about Christmas..Oh I love Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year, I know, traffic is bad during this season, some commodities shoot up but still I love Christmas. I enjoy buying gifts for my niece and nephews and god children, I have lots of them mind you. As much as possible I give gifts that I’ve personally chosen for them and I all the more enjoy wrapping them and putting them under my Christmas tree.

I love to see my nieces and nephews gather around the Christmas tree on my parent’ house on the eve of Christmas. I miss it actually last year so this year I make sure we will al be home for Christmas.

Of course, I have Christmas wish list too, sometimes I do tell my sisters and close friends what gifts I want for Christmas and this year I haven’t think of it yet. But I have big list this year, I mean I really have some expensive on my list like the PSP I’ve been dreaming to buy, the plasma tv mount, the ever elusive laptop and a new DVD. Though I would not mind not getting them this Christmas as long as I am with my family, as long as we are enjoying the dinner table, as long as I can see those happy faces of my nephews and nieces I am fine with that.

Can’t wait for Christmas!


  1. grabe rockz noh, ang bilis ng panahon. parang kelan lang iyak ako ng iyak, ay napapalayo yata ko sa usapan. hehehe!

    pero baho xmas, bday ko muna ah. heheheh!

  2. wow, I am looking forward for the day to come.
    Ring Ring Ring...
    Have a nice week.


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