Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In HIS perfect time. I was deeply encouraged by our Pastor’s message last Sunday. The theme was “Understanding God’s plan and timing” and as we were singing IN HIS TIME, I just cried and cried and trusted the Lord that in HIS time, he will give us the desire of our heart.

We also have to do our part. I have heard many stories of PCOS women who have successfully given birth, so it is very possible medically. The only problem is that we are not rich, we do not have the money to go through all those treatments and mind you they are not cheap. One ultrasound can cost us a thousand pesos or less than if I go to a cheaper clinic. A pill that helps you ovulate cost also more than a thousand pesos, and there are lots of treatments out there but boy oh boy, they will cost me my arm and leg.

So how do I do my part then?

Complete lifestyle change-and that should start on my food intake, I should stop blaming PCOS for my continuous weight gain. I can do something about it. If only I could make some magic to make my estrogen and progesterone balance but there is no short cut to it, I should work hard for it.

Right now, I am not taking any medications except for the ferrous sulfate vitamins, and since my CBC result is now normal I’ll start taking another vitamins soon, I heard about Rogin E from my egroup and we might try this one along with new exercise and diet program.

Easier said than done I know but I have to at least try it.

the reason why I am becoming the photographer now a days, I hate to see my self in the camera, such a shame, from my 130 lbs weight on my wedding day, I am now 178 lbs after 2 years and 4 months of being happily married.

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