Monday, September 1, 2008

I won again!

Seems I am blessed (lucky for others term) in joining clog contest, and wow! There are lots of on going contest these days in the blogging world, it’s just that I cannot join them all, not that I’m choosy but I feel comfortable joining contest from bloggers I know and from bloggers whom I really am fond of reading their blogs.

So in that note, I would like to thank Mai of swept away for her blog contest, It is not a big amount but I appreciate it so much because she have chosen my blog post about her contest unique.

Here’s my post about it, and here’s the post announcing the winners.

And according to Mai, we just have to stay tuned for she might staged another contest again with higher prize, probably a prize we can use to buy girl stuff such as make ups or a UGG boots. I would love that!

So shall we all stay tuned?

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  1. haha! i love your post...buti ka pa may opps, ako matumal ang aking raket ngayon. Lolz.


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