Friday, September 26, 2008

I will lose that weight!!!

See my post below re : TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, I think I need to be more motivated to achieve that because weight loss is not just about exercise I know it has something to do with diet too. And boy, I am a big eater talaga.

For always the best solution is this;


For now, I feel bit motivated to exercise, even it is only walking, I was also motivated by Raquel, a fellow blogger, see how she lost weight by walking and of course less food intake too, that’s just pretty amazing and I’m gonna try to duplicate that.

For now, the use of weight loss pills is still not an option for me. I know I have tried several of them when I was still single but since I am TTC I will have to resort to natural dieting and exercise.

Wish me the best my dear!

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  1. naku don't take diet pills muna. alam mo na mga naglalabasang news ngaun. gawin na lang natin yung natural method (hehehe, natin, kasama ako).

    gudlak fwenship at alam ko kayang kaya mo yan. :)


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