Monday, September 8, 2008

Our weekend gig

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Again, I wasn't able to do anything about blogs last weekend for the reason that our PC is still not ok, hubby will bring it to the specialist today and hopefully when I get home tonight ok na. So all my blog works I have to do in between breaks here at the office.

So how's our weekend? Busy as a bee, our Saturday was so full untill 10 in the evening. We already started the feeding ministry in our new area in La Paz, Makati City. You can check pictures here. It's tiring but it's fulfilling.

Then we went to Manila Polo Club for a birthday gig (the first for the band), our Chinese neighboor invited hubby to play for their daughter's 7th birthday party na Hannah Montana ang theme, since the music ministry is doing some fund raising for the LCD, we accepted the invitation. It was such a very nice party, from the decoration to the prizes, to the give aways. Here are some of the pictures ;
That's the band singing Hannah Montana songs and me? official photographer hehe! Have a nice week ahead everyone!

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