Friday, August 22, 2008

what to expect when you are not expecting

You read it right, “what to expect when you are not expecting” I hope there is a book like that, I could grab one and read it the whole day so I would know what to expect.

For the last few days, I am secretly thinking and wishing that I might be pregnant, with all the cravings and sluggishness I had but NO, I AM NOT for the nth time.

So what to expect? A series of, “it’s okay you’ll get pregnant soon”. .”Don’t worry in God’s perfect time..” ..“Don’t feel bad, God has better plans for you”

What can be worse than having a flu and your period at the same time? Or maybe I’m just over reacting.


  1. just wait rocks, it will come in due time. although i admit i am so lousy with waiting... blessings!

  2. Hello rocks..just whispered a prayer that He gives you your long time wish. I know it's tiring and minsan nakakapraning na to hear all those "you'll get pregnant soon and in God's perfect time" comment series, kaya I won't give you such lines. I exactly understand your sentiments coz we also went through that phase. Trust me, you're not over reacting. :)


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