Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things to look forward to

Friday- Me and hubby will watch SONICFLOOD concert at Araneta!! Hubby is more than excited because we have a production pass :) naks! thanks to boss.

Saturday - Irene is coming home to the Center probably her last, she will be going home to her province on Sunday, I have mixed feeling about her, sad that I won't be seeing her anymore and we won't be there when she give birth.

Sunday - It's excites me to see what God will do again this Sunday in our worship service, God has been doing something great every Sunday and that excites us all especially to us who's in the worship team.

Sunday afternoon- There's YOUTH ON FIRE and it's one big event ofr the youth, it is also evangelistic so we expect to see a lot of new faces. I pray that God will move and will touch the lives of these young people.

Monday - I'm going home to Nueva Ecija to visit Nanay, it has been 3 months and I'm missing her terribly. Tatay said she's mapayat (skinny) now and I'm worried about her health.

It's busy long weekend to me.


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