Friday, August 1, 2008

TGIF-Today God Is First

For some it’s Thank God it’s Friday but I love how my fellow blogger defined it. Today God Is First.

And isn’t it supposed to be TGIF everyday? Putting God first everyday does make a difference, I am a living testimony to that. Sometimes when I wake up too late and then rush on to my breakfast and completely forget about HIM, the day would turn out to be stressful and chaotic.

I am learning a habit again of spending even just a few minutes everyday with HIM every morning right before my day begins. And yes, it makes a difference.

Anyways, How would you spend your weekend? I’ll be visible this weekend in the blogoshpere because I owe a lot of my friends a blog visit and I will work on that franchise opportunity me and my cousin talk about sometime ago.

Well, I hope it’s not a busy weekend for me. I still need to rest.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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