Friday, August 29, 2008

Task this weekend

Things to blog

  1. A blog post about my winning from Mai’s contest. – God’s gift
  1. Tags, Tags and Awards - Through the rain
  1. Youth on Fire – made to worship
  1. An article about submission – God’s gift

Things to do outside the blogging world

  1. Grocery/Market – ugh ( wish have more money-hirap mag budget)
  1. Cook baon for SIL’s Educational tour on Saturday
  1. Fund raising for the scholars (isip-isip)

1 comment:

  1. Hello sis..Everything is great with me here and Jeff..I am very happy that I am with him now..We are both enjoying our lives together and very excited for our wedding day..I am not so active in blogging this time sis coz I am busy in fixing and cleaning the house.Hehe!!Take care always and God Bless sis..


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