Sunday, August 3, 2008


I did something unusual today. I did the laundry! though I only did the half portion of our dirty clothes. But still that’s so unusual and what more I did it all by myself, alright, hubby lend a hand but that’s when I’m about to finish na. I’m just so proud. Haha! I felt like a very domesticated plain housewife today and it feels good. Why it’s unusual? Because I don’t like doing it ever since I was a kid and hubby knows that.

So I was tired but it’s ok, it’s an accomplishment.

We just concluded the worship team practice tonight and I had the chance to talk to one of the new singer, I know we’re becoming friends now and I was glad she was able to share what she’s been going through. I just hope God will give her the desire of her heart in honor of her service for HIM. It’s sad seeing a heart broken and worrying about someone you love.

And it made me ever grateful that I married the “best man” God has chosen for me. Hubby maybe less in comparison to others in terms of academic and finances but he’s so rich in his love for the Lord and that made him stand out from the rest.

And he was proud of me today too. I knew it.

How’s your weekend going? I still have one more day (Sunday) before the busy Monday come. I expect a no blog day on Monday at the office, probably not even on my breaktime. Ugh. I am bound to make the best out of it tomorrow. I’ll do more bloghops, entrecard droppings, blog tweaking (which usually end up to nothing being change) and websites surfing.

And yes, the night isn’t over yet for me. I’ll still have to look for mortgage lenders and mortgage sites. My sister recently got the unit beside their home in their village and I wonder if I’ll be able to do that in the future too. And I still have to type the new songs for tomorrow's worship service.

Goodnight everyone! Have a blessed Sunday!

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