Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our first ever long motorcycle drive

And you won’t believe me that we did it all the way from Nueva Ecija to Makati yesterday. We left at around 5:30 AM and we reached home at around 10:30 AM so it is approximately 5 hour drive. We made three stops to gas up and rest for less than 10 minute each stop.

However, I know the drive took so long because hubby is not familiar with tatay’s motorcycle, ours is an automatic and has no clutch so hubby isn’t not as familiar with this bike and it’s bigger than ours. Plus it’s our first time (and I think the will be the last.) The only road I know going to and from manila is through NLEX and because motorcycles are not allowed there we took the Mc-Arthur Hi-way or the Manila North road which is so unfamiliar too.

I don’t advise it to anyone because It doesn’t seem safe. We only did it because of our love for the father who wants his motorcycle be brought to Manila and of course he requested for the hubby to do it since he knew we drive a lot with our motorbike.

What can I say? It’s a pretty and not so pretty experience. One good side is that I was able to look at the countryside meaning all the beautiful landscape and the air (pero that was when we were still traversing the nueva ecija road pa) hubby loves the smell of the green grass. I got to see also all the commercial real estate and the housing areas that is currently being developed. I saw one big SM being constructed in Bulacan.

Tsk..I should have brought with me the camera, that picture above was during our tagaytay trip.


  1. Hey there, Rocks! Come on over and get your award ;o)

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  2. From Nueva Ecija to Makati?!?! Are you serious?!?! :P


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