Thursday, August 7, 2008

On Infertility and detoxification

French scientists discovered a connection between infertility and environmental toxins in the 1850s. In addition to an unusually high rate of miscarriage, they noticed that lead workers' wives had trouble conceiving.

Their discovery was hardly groundbreaking; the Romans had already made the connection between infertility and environmental toxins in the second century!

As our environment has become more toxic, infertility rates have skyrocketed, too. In the United States alone, infertility affects over six million American women and men, approximately ten percent of the reproductive-age population, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.1
Infertility is now such a critical health problem that in 2006, New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. unveiled his plan to set up infertility task force legislation. The group called for more research related to environmental toxins, citing specific examples of increased infertility in patients exposed to contaminated water.

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Now, I'm wondering should I begin detoxification? will it make my hormones balance? Sigh. How I wish I knew the answer beforehand.

I spoke with Tere again last night and she too was now desperate to have a baby and she ha snot been back to her OB too. (birds of the same feather flock together) It's been a year since my last check up too and I am planning (for the nth time) to consult another OB. Sometimes I think of the money being wasted but I guess I have to make sacrifices.

I am still hoping and I don't get tired of praying and asking God for our gift. I know He will hear me and bless me soon.


  1. try mo na yung detox fwen, nothing to lose actually, you'll be healthy pa.

    stop having too many plans on when to see your ob, do it na lang. :D ingat lagi!

  2. Don't lose hope sis. btw, re: yung purchase of EC widget dun sa entrecard dashboard mo, click mo yung SHOP na box duon then, you can choose from there sa mga naka-advertise na gumagawa sila ng EC widget. pinakamura yun 125 EC credits. tapos, give your email add. and website tapos what design ang gusto mo.

  3. hi sis! we are on the same boat. for sure we will be blessed with our little angel in God's time. cheer up. :)

  4. We have struggled with it before. But eventually God but little blessings with us. Now wanting a third I feel the sadness dissapointment each month with a negitive answer. But all in HIS time.

    with prayers,


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