Wednesday, August 27, 2008

health and money issues

This I thought because I got sick last week and at the same time hubby needed to consult the Doctor for his recurring back pain. I didn’t take any medicines at all but last Friday night hubby wanted to bring me to the hospital for the high fever and the abdominal pain. I didn’t want to because I think of the money we will spend. Susme! I think it would be more painful than the stomach pain. Lol

But the again, I know there could be times where I would need to go to the hospital ( Hope it would never happen) but we live in reality, we get sick and we need to see doctors. I only hope that by then I have a health card or an emergency fund. (which means have to work even harder)

Honestly, I felt derived at that moment, I mean I’m sick and I know I need treatment and yet I worry about the money. Good thing the pain lasted only for hours. God is good talaga.

But I don’t want it to happen to us again. Sana hindi na maulit.

I have always been like that, depriving myself but meeting others needs. When will I learn to love myself better kaya? Tsk.tsk.


  1. i hope your doing well now sis... ako rin, i have been sick. emotionally nung una then physically naman after. matinding diarrhea. God is good kasi kahit papaano, merong paid blogging kung saan ako kumukuha ng extra budget. though merong health card, hindi kasi sya applicable for maternity.
    sana nga we don't get sick na uli. ingat ingat na lang tayo :)

  2. Rocks, you do have to take care of yourself more. I know it's easy to say that health is way more important than money and it makes sense to prioritize your health, but it's true naman diba? Tsaka if you're healthy, you can work and earn ulit! :)



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