Thursday, August 28, 2008

have you heard about this?

Something good and beneficial about the menstrual blood? honestly this is so new to me and several clicks of the mouse and I have loads of information About the Science of stem cell. Isn’t it amazing? From what we consider a human waste comes a potential of something that could be use to treat diseases? I must say whoever studied this is a genius.

From what I read, the menstrual bloods have unique components and those are good source for stem cell and are easier to collect compare to bone marrow and cord blood. If it could help someone that is sick, why not? After all menstrual blood, as I have said was considered human waste.

And now, be amazed even more because with our technology advancing everyday, you can now collect your own stem cell from your menstrual blood. Of course you do not collect it with some jars or buckets, you need to buy a kit from C'elle I think is worth it. If you want to do some research about them, then hear from C'elle Client Testimonial and see for your self.

But still, let us be reminded that the best cure to all diseases out there is prevention so I must say we should all take care of our health and remember always that health is wealth.

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