Friday, August 15, 2008

A blog contest

Ok, so this is my 2nd time to join a blog contest, the first one is from Juliana's blog in which I won 5th prize. I enjoy that contest very much because aside from the prize money I have gained new blog friends and the constant exchange of comments helped us know each other better.

And I'm so excited to be joining another one from Mai's site, I love what she said
"Yes, we have to enjoy and celebrate even the smallest things in life."

She's celebrating her 329th birth month and the new header thus the contest.

And what a better way to celebrate with her than to join her contest ? right? So if you knew Mai, the digscrapper pro (as mec describe her) the mom to asher, you might want to join her contest and let us celerate together.

below is the copy of her contest:


Yeah..I know it’s not that much. But this certainly is enough to fund your small whims like cellphone load credits, a nice digiscrapping kit that has been stuffed in your shopping cart for the longest time, 1000 Entrecard credits, a new domain, or however you might want to consume it. Besides, the contest mechanics is so simple and won’t take too much of your time just as a paid 60-words post would do (you know what I mean).

The prizes:

1st prize - $10 paypal money*
2nd prize - $5 paypal money*
3rd prize - 200 EC credits
*You have to have paypal accounts.

1. Subsribe to my feed via Feedburner - 1 entry
2. Add my blog to your Technorati Favorites - 1 entry
**Both widgets are found on my right sidebar.

Should you wish to earn more entries, you may (this isn’t required) blog about this contest post and you’ll automatically be entitled to 3 more entries. No minimum number of words, no specified’s all up to you. If you have multiple blogs, you may do so in each blog (earn 3 entries/blog). As an added bonus, I’ll pick the most creative and amusing entry to win $5 paypal money.

In order for me to validate and monitor your entries, please leave a comment here and note the following:
1. your email address you used for the Feed subscription
2. your Technorati ID
3. Your blog URL of the contest post


  1. thanks for joining! dropping EC here :) you might also want to check out the other little contest I'm running on my newest blog. :)

    Good luck rocks!

  2. Thanks for sharing - I've entered!

    I'm holding a contest myself, and there's only a day left to enter. Would you join in?

  3. Rocks...thanks for joining and congrats..check out the announcement here:


Thank you for taking time to comment. God bless!!