Monday, July 14, 2008

We love you Nicole!

Our currently favorite godchild will be celebrating her first birthday on the 16th, initially we thought of giving her a simple party, some balloons, loot bags and games for the kids they will invite. All of us in the group (young professionals) will bring in food or any sort of to help the parents in the expenses, after all these two are our church missionaries. I volunteered to do the invitations of course, I have made several invitations for the past years, including 2 of my friends wedding invitations, my nephews and nieces birthday invites, even dedication invites, never tried doing Halloween invitations though.

The youngest flower girl and the cutest one

I have in mind already the invitation design I am to make for her party but just last week they decided to put off the party. We opted to just take Nicole out, probably take her to Manila Zoo because she appreciates the animals so much. I’m sure it’s gonna be one fun day again. Advance happy first birthday Nicole.

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