Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unveiling Sonya's not so Secret Garden

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday, as promised I’ll post them here. Of course credits are not all mine because I have to give in to hubby who I admit was able to take more beautiful photos than I am. This reminds me that he has been asking for new micro sd for his picture taking pleasure.I’m gonna post the lunch we had first and then more of the garden later.

This is the centerpiece for each table. Cut flowers and they are also from their garden together with all the greens that they served.

We were first served with freshly harvested lettuce and arugula topped with mango and watermelon, It comes with cucumber, nuts and some more toppings. Their SUPER SECRET SALAD DRESSING is amazingly good!

The pasta came in second, it was served with two choices of sauces, the sun dried tomato and the chicken cream with mango plus a lot more toppings like salmon belly, shitake mushroom, black olives and grated parmesan cheese.Didn’t have the chance to taste the chicken cream but hubby said it is nice also.

We forgot to take pictures of the desserts, we enjoyed the banana rolls with sesame and jackfruit, it was so good! And of course their famous “smashingly sinful homemade chocolate cake was also yummy” . The picture above was taken when we went to the panaderia.

It’s all worth it, it’s eat all you can so you can just request for some more as long as you’re not full. Not bad for 610.00 per person no?

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