Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ten things to do on one rainy lazy afternoon

It’s raining hard right now and I’m home, I was supposed to rest and get some sleep but I thought I’ll do that later, for the meantime I’m thinking of ten things to do on afternoon like this.

1. Blog-write something, grab opportunities, finish assignments, google

2. Play games in your mobile or play station or personal computer

3. Read a good book, if you have a bible then that’s the best book to read. I’m
in the book of Psalms right now and I find great strength in them.

4. Talk to God, yes like tell him what’s inside you.

5. Chat with a friend through YM or Skype.

6. Flip through the furniture catalog and think of your dream furniture. I love
that! Sometimes I even look to big houses and cars in the net and magazines
and dream that someday I’ll own one like that.

7. Have a good coffee with your hubby (if you’re both home together)

8. Watch a good movie or your favorite TV shows.

9. Sleep (that’s what I’m doing later)

10. Lastly blog again-ahehe! It’s one of the best thing to do, right?

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