Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our visit to Michelle & Dax at Cogeo

Sharing some pictures from our recent gathering, Thanks Michelle and Dax for the very warm accomodation and the good food! and of course Mamita for that wonderful gatang santol.

We rocked the house! Endless videoke singing.

Andrew on the mike and hubby posing
Finally, Vhon gave us his heart breaking rendition of "Moonriver"

it's official,they are getting married! Naks..kaya we're kinda celebrating.Thanks for the red wine!

The host couple, belated happy birthday Michelle!

The newly weds and Carmel celebrated her birthday too.

Us..the very first to get married in our batch.

Venus and Joven, the undecided couple.

Jomer, the only single in the group

And of course , neil, tata and Nicole, we love the baby so much so we made sure they are with us..hehe!

The group picture- LJBC's Young Professionals (Ex-singles na daw)

When will be the next gathering? Oh yeah..Nicole's first birthday! I'll see you all guys there!

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