Saturday, July 26, 2008

On losing weight

No, I will not try to be a diet guru or expert here because I know I am not, I have tried several weight loss programs long ago and I failed, take note my dear readers, I failed, not the program. The most successful I think was the south beach diet stage I went through when I was about to get married. And again it is not about the program it’s about me. I succeeded because I was so determined to lose weight at that time. I wanted to feel pretty and light on my wedding day.

Now I am wondering, does Fentraphen work? Or will it work for me? They said it is an all natural weight loss supplement. Are there any bloggers who have tried this before? Because you see, right now I am trying to commit my self into losing weight again, for the nth time I know. But hey! I need to lose weight, If I want to get pregnant then I have to be as determined as when I was about to marry.

I’m caught between taking weight loss supplements or diet or diet and exercise plus weight loss supplement or just plain diet and exercise? Which do you think is more effective?

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