Sunday, July 6, 2008

on entrecards and blogtalks

And so I joined entrecard last Thursday, As of this time this is my statistics;

Quickstats (last 30 days)
275 credits in your account
credits to advertise on your blog
28/158 cards you dropped today/all
10/102 cards dropped on you today/all
260 credits earned via drops
2/2 clicks via ads you placed
2/9 clicks from your blog to others
7/102 clicks from to you
4 ads you bought
10 ads bought from you
2 currently running ads

Some of it I still don't understand that much, but one thing for sure, I'm happy on the hits it gave this blog. yeppee!

I'm buying a domain soon! watch out for it..I'm excited! I'm still thinking of a "nice name". I'll probably make a poll about it and will ask some bloggers to vote for the nicest domain name.

Most of my friends still can't believe that I'm earning online..haha! not so big amount but it still a good and legal sideline di ba? Hopefully I'll get more opps soon when I have my own domain na.

Hubby is so supportive of this online earning of mine, basta wag lang sobrang puyat. But then sometimes I don't wanna make this blog naman an earning blog lang talaga. I still want this to be a journal of what's happening to me and hubby as we journey together. Good thing I still have a more personal blog where I pour my heart out.

Sige, have to eat dinner muna.Will blog again later.

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