Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Ventures

I was encouraged by sis jacque so I joined under her, I think it's quite easy lalo na if you're on the net for almost 24 hours, you just visit sites, click and they'll pay you. Everyone needs sidelines today sa hirap ng buhay. So if you want some extra cash though not as big as paid blogging, feel free to join, here's the link.

In my yahoo groups, we're also thinking of having garage sale, I was supposed to join last year but had problem with schedules, so I'm hoping I can join now. Sayang din extra cash, but I plan not to sell old clothes kasi we designate them for our own garage sale sa church, it's fundraising project for our scholars.

I still don't know what to sell, funny no? I desire to join pero have nothing in mind to sell pa, probably clothes din and bags pero siguro not old nga, I know someone whom I can get some stuff to sell, hopefully i can work it out with her tapos sana consignment pa, o di ba nothing to lose?

These indeed are hard days.

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  1. glad to hear from you again, Rocks..thanks God you're well now..

    Parang maganda etong mga ideas ng post mo dito..i used to pack old personal stuffs like clothes too but all for free..binibigay namin sa mga native folks every december.

    great post..goodluck.....


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