Monday, July 21, 2008

My "leave" day

I was “on leave” today. (big grin) I was supposed to go to;

1.) SSS office in Manila to apply for an ID
2.) NBI in Carriedo
3.) Mandaluyong City Hall for my 2 nephews birth certificate

I only did number 3. I was disappointed not because I only did one of those three scheduled task but because of these;

1. The tedious work we have to do so we can change my nephew’s surname. I wish I could make things easy for them especially for their mom but obviously all I can do is to help them on the processing of papers which I guess will take some time to finish.
2. Have no money the whole day, only when I dropped by at the office was I able to get the cash in my drawer.
3. I was hurt by a comment from someone ( I know I should not mind her)

But in spite of all those mentioned above, I’m still in light spirit because of these;

1. I successfully found a good and reliable site about digital signage .
2. I was able to do grocery and mind you I was “green” minded because I brought with me a shopping bag! Time to let go of the many plastic bags.
3. We had dinner at yellow cab (a birthday treat for Ramon courtesy of J-mie)
4. I downloaded Firefox just now! Love it!

So there goes my day though It’s not over yet. I will still be up for at least 2 more hours. But for those who are going to bed now..goodnight!

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