Friday, July 4, 2008

My late night blogging

I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. Went to bed finally at 3 in the morning. I never knew visiting other blogs not included in my link list can be that fun. I found so many interesting blogs that kept me awake. This morning, got a reminder from hubby, he’s worried I’m spending too much time in the internet, of course I justified my self and told him that at least what I am doing is beneficial, that I am not just simply wasting my time.
As a matter of fact I am working my way being debt free and it is with the help and wonders of the internet. Slowly yes but still working. Debt reduction is one of my driving force to work hard.
I don’t have any debt consolidation program at hand right now but just in case you need one you can always browse the internet for it. There are sites there where you can get help live a debt free life or at least guide you in paying your debts through debt consolidation. I honestly wish I could have that now because I think it would be easier to pay your debt off when you only have to pay a single company monthly like what is doing.
I will still have to do late night blogging and hopping, besides that is I the only free time I have unless I can do that in the office which is impossible of course.

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