Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let's do our part

I am thankful that my parents despite of being in their old age are still strong, healthy and yes Alzheimer’s free. Of course there are instances where they felt weak and sick but praise God there has been no serious illness.

Remember my post about our visit to home for the aged last year? I can still feel how hard it is for those old guys, most of them are inflicted with Alzheimer- which according to Wikipedia is a terminal disease with no know cure. I can still recall how an old lady repeatedly narrated her stories to us. My heart really went for them and right there and then I cried. As I said before, I was caught off guard. I’m looking forward to our next visit there this year.

I know we can all do something about it, maybe at your point of view is too small but when a community is gathered together then that’s something like the Alzheimer's Memory Walk for instance.

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is inviting us all to join hands in raising awareness about the disease. They are doing a memory walk and calling on all volunteers whatever your age is to participate. It is just a walk but it is something.

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