Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joyful and blessed

Busy Saturday indeed, though it is expected, because I never had a free Saturday for ages now. Saturday is always ministry time for me, I really have no time to clean and do some household chores on Saturdays, as a matter of fact until now our sinks still a mess. Hope I can still find time to clean it later.

So what happened today? Well, we woke up earlier than our usual waking up time on weekdays, we had the morning devotion at 6:30 and then after that we prepared for the “Women In Revival” that was held here too. It’s amazing how God works in the lives of the women in the church and am so blessed, so encourage and rejuvenated just like what I prayed for. It lasted till 4:00 in the afternoon. I was tired but full of joy. Our speaker Pastora Rachel Sanchez from the River of God church prayed for those women who are asking for a child and yes I raised my hand, I stand and was so happy to be prayed for. She also talked on how important the women are to God, she mentioned the book of Joel where in the last days the Lord will pour out his spirit to all, man or woman, kid or adult. It was so wonderful to see women hearing confirmation from the Lord, some were given comfort and some were given visions.

After that, I rested a bit and got myself a new manicure and a foot spa! Yup! Well, I know I needed that. It felt so good.

And then we practiced for worship tomorrow. We’ve given all our energies to the highest level today. But as I said a while ago, I’m happy, I have joy in my heart and I’m thankful.

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