Friday, July 18, 2008

In my ears again?

I’ve so much to blog yesterday but I just don’t have the strength to do it, I wanted to join Aggie in her AWTK # 3, Oh well, I’m still joining. I hope to finish that half year round up this week end. I still have so many tags to do and of course I plan to do them all also this weekend. That is if I’m feeling well and good, because you see I am still in pain, both ears are now inflamed (again for the nth time) and it’s really painful, I think it’s the reason why I’m having occasional fever at night, infection maybe. Hubby has been telling me to go to an EENT already. I’ll go if the pain doesn’t go away in two days. That’s a promise.

I wonder what’s causing the pain? Was it a pimple? Because before this happens it will be so itchy hence the use of cotton buds everyday which is a no no according to EENT. If it’s a pimple, how I wish it’s in the more visible part of the face so I can just put a pimple cream and then it will be gone. Easy.

On a lighter note, I’ve been reading a lot of Christian blogs lately, I started joining the thankful Thursday meme and met some Christian women on line. It feels good. At least I was able to do devotions and read words of God while I’m on my computer. How I wish though I have more time to read and meditate some more.

In this life we have to acknowledge that we cannot do anything if we are apart from God.

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