Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm sick

Was absent today, I was not feeling well inside and out. I slept too late last night, well I tried to close my eyes and sleep but I just can't. I woke up late and dizzy and I felt so weak.

So I went back to bed right after breakfast and hubby woke me up at around 1 PM for lunch, so sweet of him, he cooked chicken adobo which he seldom do of course.

He was just with me all day except when he left to run some errands to the bank. Thank God for such a blessing.Thank God for having him.
I don't know if I could come to work tommorrow, I still feel weak and yet I can't sleep again..I find it hard ro sleep, I really don't know why. But I guess I need to go to work-read NEED. I have to or else I might find my self jobless which could be a big problem.


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