Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm missing them

I’m missing my parents, had a chat with my cousin last Friday, she went home to province last weekend and had the chance to see my parents, and I missed them more now. I feel a bit guilty for not seeing them for almost 2 months now. That’s why in my last post, the four things meme, I write Nueva Ecija in the place where I’d rather be right now. I miss them so much. You see my parents are in their old age now, my father is 71 and my mother is turning 69 this October. I just don’t know why but they opted to stay in our house in the province, they can actually live with my two sisters who have their own place here in Metro Manila. I wish to see them next month or sooner. I want to spend more time with them while they are still strong. But of course I will still be there for them when it’s time for them to use incontinence supplies of products for old ones.

I pray they will still be able to see their grandchildren in me, oh my...... I don’t even want to entertain the thought that they won’t see me give birth anymore. I would like my child to feel the grandma and grandpa love that was bestowed to all of my nephews and nieces.

I wish I am pregnant now. Oh I wish I have a baby now. I wish I’m home now.

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  1. hi! sis, yeah, I'm devastated that my blogs are messed up. it was due to a tech support from my host. nakakaiyak talaga. I just hope they will be able to restore everything.



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