Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night...

Nope, not me but hubby is.
He recently had his eye checked up and he was actually shocked that his left eye is now +125 and the right at +150, beside that he has also astigmatism which we are hoping to get corrected after six months. I accompany him when he went to get the glasses, the eye doctor offered to check on me also but I declined, I’m sure I still have 20-20 vision, we had regular check up in our company and that is included so I should know. But I enjoyed looking at the beautiful eyeglasses displayed on their rack, I like the one that is very similar to this.

How I wish we had the options to buy from
, theirs are much cheaper and yet stylish and nice. You can have one as low as $8. Anyways,there will always be next time.

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