Friday, July 11, 2008

Excited for Saturday

"Thank God it's Friday"

Favorite Yahoo Messenger status in the office every Friday. For the office working girls like me, it's also one of our favorite days right? end of workweek eh.

Last day of the 2nd week of July, how time flies indeed. next thing we know it's August already. There is nothing special for today except that office hours is shorter (now, I think that is something special!)

But different..We're going to Tagaytay or more specifically "Sonya's Garden". We're having lunch there so I'm quite excited for that. My good friend Vhon and J-mie want that place as wedding venue so we have to go and try for their food and ask for wedding packages also.

In the afternoon, we will watch Rommel Guevarra's concert in strumms, busy day again tomorrow, but that's fine with me. For now I am enjoying my busy Saturdays.

The sad part of it is that I will have no time to blog and visit my friends blog, so if you don't see me in the blogoshpere this weekend, please do understand.

hay, sana 5 o'clock na...

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  1. Hi there, I can’t seem to find the Magic Lamp of Luck anywhere on your blog. You can have the Magic Lamp post on all your blogs if you like, so long as you have the post up at your blog. Give me a buzz when you have the post up and I’ll add you to the Master List, thanks a lot! :)

    Genie Princess


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