Friday, July 4, 2008

Coffe Break 1.25

I got hooked into entrecard and I forgot I still haven't posted for the latest coffee break, untill I saw Mari's post about it. Love to join of course because I find the topic so nice and I can totally relate. Here is this week's question :

I don't know what to top my list because honestly, I just love evrything in it everyday, every waking hour and every sleeping moment.

The simple hug I get when I feel so tired could be the most because It somehow eases the fatigue, but then having someone to talk to when you feel so burnt out can also be most right?

So my answer would be- I love everything about being married, even the discussions and the conflicts. Why? Because I know those not so good parts make us even more stronger and make us even more clingy to the Lord who gave us the love we had for each other.

I love the fact that I am married to someone I have not personally chose but God has chosen for me instead. His best for me.

I love being the most important person here on earth for someone's life.

I love loving the married life.

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