Thursday, July 17, 2008

An appeal to my blog friends

I don't know if I made the right decision of buying a domain and then transferring this blog into it. Would it be easier if I just started another one with the new domain?

I find it hard advising everyone on my link list to change/update my URL.

I tried to visit as many as I can and tell them about it but guess what? dunno if they are all busy or they just don't wanna do it, or they simply chose to ignore my message.

well, thanks to those who updated theirs. That's very well appreciated.

I'm just so disappointed right now, I can't change how this blog look because of the widgets installed, I am not a techie girl and it's dis appointing me to the max. I am in the brink of just give it a new look and then start all over again, start with new link list and shout box and counter and all.

So my dear blog friends, I appeal to you all, would you be all so kind to me and change that URL in your link list to this new domain? sige na please, promise I'll visit your site often and will even leave comments. (mag makaawa ba)

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