Thursday, June 19, 2008

This broke my heart

Once in a while na lang ako manood ng TV, I just had a glance while waiting for hubby last night and saw this horrible news. I was shocked, I cried and I nearly threw up. Why in the world will someone threw a newborn baby out of moving taxi..and out of a high window? or in a canal?

You may read the whole story here.

Come to think of we are, praying and trying so hard to have a baby..and there are people out there who had it but didn't even like it.

More than the babies, I pity the mothers because I know somehow it will be in their minds, that somehow the guilt feeling will be with them. I just hope they find courage to repent and ask forgiveness. The babies? well they are angels now I guess.

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  1. Hayy..I've been hearing and watching hair raising news stories like sad!! Meron lang talagang mga taong walang takot...o di kaya walang konsensya..may the baby find his resting place now in heaven..

    this is an inspiring post Rocks.. best wishes for you and your hubby..just keep praying..TC!


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