Saturday, June 28, 2008

Talk about having our own house someday

We are going to Cogeo this Sunday, it’s actually my first time to visit my cousins abode since she got married. Four couples except for Jomer who is the only single in the group are coming and sure it will be fun! J-mie and Vhon who is now engaged but the official announcement will be on Sunday also, Carmel & Andrew who just got married last June are also coming plus me and my hubby. Venus and her boyfriend are not yet sure. Most of us are now married and some are seriously planning of getting married.

So from a not so serious types of discussion before, we now talk about married life, things we want for our family, kitchen appliances and the most discussed topic – home loans. I noticed how each couple wants to have their own house someday. Jerlyn and Lester who now resides in Georgia actually took the time of doing a site visit when they were here. They went to as far as San Pedro,Laguna for house hunting. We all get excited when we think of us living in one neighborhood and yes I expect more discussion about this again when we meet Sunday.

I don’t know, hubby and I have not decided about it yet, part of me wants to have a house somewhere in Laguna but my work is here in Manila, a part of me also wants to buy a house from Cabanatuan City. Sometimes I just miss my life in the province. Oh well, I still have three years to think about it and decide.

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