Thursday, June 19, 2008

party planning

I guess I’m beginning to really like party planning, another friend from our church asked my help again in organizing their daughter’s 7th birthday party. In a way I’m happy that somehow they do like what I am doing, but doing this as a business? Probably not yet at this time. Compare to those party planners from my e-group, They are so good! I love their creations. I have yet to learn a lot about this thing. Actually, I was supposed to attend a balloon seminar this Saturday but I made an earlier commitment with some of my friends. But definitely, I’m taking that seminar soon. I’ve been watching DIY balloon videos in youtube and tried some of them and it was nice.

Was surprised though how pricey those party stuff are, like those styro backdrop and all, oh yes they are nice and beautiful but I think an average family here cannot afford to have such in their parties. What with the rising gas prices everyday. I’m convincing hubby to make one of those because I know he can do it, he made the stryo backdrop in my nephews’ pokemon party. I was actually telling him he can earn extra bucks by doing so.

Sometimes, I think I’m pushing ourselves too hard to have some extra cash and savings, specially myself. I’ve been working too hard I know. Who wouldn’t anyway? If you have big dreams like having your own house, trips abroad and buying that big car with auto car insurance of course.

I'll wait and see, right now I have just to enjoy helping friends in their kids parties, labor of love as they say but who knows someday I’ll get something big out of it.

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