Friday, June 27, 2008

In times like this

We went to grocery store last night, I actually had no intention of going but realizing that we do not have almost anything at home, I drag my self to. And as we are picking up from the shelves the things we need, we kept on mumbling about the price hike of every item. These are tough times indeed, and though the government recently approved a salary increase of 20.00 pesos per day if I’m not mistaken, that would not make any difference at all.

So I understand if every employee has to make an instant payday loan and I wish every company offer such for their employees. In US, you can just go to internet and search for sites that offers cash advance and in no time you’ll have the cash you so badly needed. Some even have an overnight approval. Quite easy.

We were actually talking about cash advance here in the office yesterday, I pity this guy who cannot make cash advance because he has a previous suspension due to tardiness months ago. I was just wondering why he can’t be given that privilege when he was already punished for his tardiness. And this guy is making the cash advance because he needs it badly, I think he mentioned he will use it to repair their roof which was damaged by the typhoon Frank.

Tough times indeed and in times like this, yes belt tightening is important, saving is important.

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