Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank God it's Friday

Thank God the work week is over, it’s been a stressful week for me at work. That explains why I don’t have any entries for the past five days, and the internet connections in the office has been acting up too for the past few days..sigh. when it rain it pours talaga.

A good friend of me and hubby is leaving soon for the US, Lester who got married last March is flying to Jacksonville,Florida on Tuesday to finally be with her wife who is now expecting. We’re gonna miss him because he’s been literally living with us since Jerlyn left after the wedding. But am so happy for the two of them na finally together na sila.

Carmel, also a good friend of ours will also leave the center after the wedding, so many people leaving, so many friends going somewhere else.

This last few weeks I’ve been thinking and contemplating on making new friends I know it’s not usual but I feel I don’t have much friends right now, all of the good ones I have lives quite far from where I live and come to think of it I know I haven’t made any new friends for the past years.

Oh well, virtual friends are different, have so many blogging friends but I guess I need someone that is tangible.

Maybe I’m just missing a lot of my old friends…

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