Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shag-Bridal shower and stag party in one

We had fun last Sunday night at J-mie's house. She made a good job (again) in organizing Carmel and Andrew's joint bridal shower and stag party. It's actually a first for all of us because usually we do seperate party for the bride and grrom to be but since we are small group lang and by special requst of the couple we decided to do it together.

I enjoyed the hanger and tissue game which made us (girls) winner. And our price? the boys made all the cleaning after the party.haha! great!

I also love the clothes pin game, where we are not allowed to mention any word that is related to the bride and groom and about the wedding, which is quite hard, i think I had 6 clothespin becuse I keep on calling hubby our term of endearment which happens to be the same of the bride and groom to be.

To our good friend Andrew and Carmel- We wish you all the best on your wedding day!

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