Wednesday, May 28, 2008



1. Finish the demo CD. (back up vocals/lead vocals) one more song to go!

2. Check Andrew's lay out for the CD.

3. Finish printing t-shirts for the anniversary ( haven't started yet)

4. Accompany Clarisse to school

5. Buy keyboard amp and guitar amp for the church (due today)

6. Repair electric fan in our room. - sige next next week na lang to!

7. Prepare line -up for sunday

ME :

1. Finish program for the anniversary

2. Pick-up frame in quiapo

3. Pick-up fan souvenirs in divisoria (friday)

4. Buy lootbags and lootbags item for the sunday schoolers for the anniv too. (friday)

5. Start lay-out with Carmel of the souvenir program

6. Follow up every concerned person for the church anniv on Sunday.

7. Buy video tape/ balloons and flowers (saturday)

So yeah, we're full. aside from that we have to go to cavite tommorrow to attend a Pastor's necrological service. And after this week it's gonna be Carmel's wedding na!

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