Monday, May 19, 2008

my to do list

my things to do's

Mari, send me this meme sometime last week and it’s so timing to post it on a Monday. Need to make a to do list for the week, which I hope won’t be too long because I think I still need some few rest.

Anyways, to start here it is;

1. Today- Will do a lot of bloghops and post some tags for the rest of the day.later tonight,will send Lester to the airport. Office- nothing much unless the boss come in suddenly with so much ideas in my mind. Patay na naman ako nyan.

2. Tuesday – In the evening, I’ll have meeting with the ministry heads in our church for the anniversary. I have to do follow up on the sponsorship letter for the souvenir program pa pala.
3. Wednesday – lay out the souvenir program together with Carmel.

4. Thursday – collect and still do follow up sponsors.

5. Friday – attend prayer meeting.

6. Saturday – this would be a busy day for me, will do some errands for carmel’s wedding and hopefully finish the anniversary program.
Note; The above list is actually all for the church stuff and not so much of the office. I hope I don’t have much in my hands this week so I can finish them all.

Now I’m tagging all the busy mom and bloggers there, let’s see your to do list this week. Jacque, Nancy, Jen, Jown, Jody.

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  1. thanks for doing the tag sis... busy week for you ahead pala. buti na lang midweek na... bilis ng araw :)


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