Monday, May 5, 2008

May 05 na pala?

Sorry, have no entry since May 01, I realized I been busy not so much with work but with Harvest Moon..hehe!I spent most of my free time last week-end playing that game and boy I had fun!

As if naman I have lots of free time during week end no? as usual it's jampacked withour usual stuff, the difference lang last Saturday was we had like 8 white visitors from International Teams. They visited "Batang Pagasa" in the Singakamas area, that Saturday hubby and his brother taught the small kids and played with them. It's my first time in that area too. I met a boy named Russell, he is special because he can't walk, he's already 13 years old and he's in this kiddie bike and he looks like only 7 or so years old. He's bubbly though and he played with other kids. The teacher in charge in the area said he has this kind of disease where his bones are brittle and the sad thing is that his sibling who is a girl has that too. I took a photo of him with my brother in law I don’t know if it would be okay to post them though.

So you see, my Saturdays and Sundays are always full.

Well, here am I now, trying to force my self to make an entry and trying to write anything that flashes into mind.

But since I am also at work right now, I should stop blogging and get back to iron ore price googling hehe! I’ll probably be back later to do all the tags. See yah!

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