Thursday, May 29, 2008

hubby will miss me

Hubby went alone to attend the necrological service in cavite tonight. I have an emergency OT work tonight at greenbelt. It's sad when you plan to do things together or to go somewhere together and then end up not doing so. He just called me and said he will miss me..hehe! imagine going to a necrological service and it wouldn't even last until midnight but hearing him said he'll miss me. naks! it melts my heart.

I'm thinking of buying some semi formal clothes now or even just more appropriate clothes like for the party tonight, though of course I'm not there to party. I'm there to work. I don't wanna feel so ugly naman with an office attire that is so casual tapos I'll be mingling with the VIP guests.

I hope I won't be doing much of this because I am not a party person. I have an inferiority complex and most of the time I don't feel I belong. I wonder why my boss wants me to be there though it excites me (a bit) to be able to see some GMA artists..hehe!

Well, i'm going home in a few minutes and then will get ready for the the 8pm call time.

I wish myself again the best.

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