Thursday, May 15, 2008

busy bad days

oh yes, mag sis, I am super busy and I do not feel well at the same time, got an inflamed ear with fever and yet am still working the anemia strikes again. when it rain it pours kahit sakit..hay!

need your prayers because I feel so burnt out na talaga, hubby is not here pa so it's really bad days for me.

kanina, I cried na lang sa washroom, need to let this out na kasi. thank you for dropping by sa site ko kahit walang updates. miss you all and miss bloghopping na.

hope to see more of everyone next week and sa mga tags and the coffee break, promise I'll do it agad pag naka recover na ko.



  1. hope you're feeling good now sis.

    btw, pls change my url to:, if you got the time. thanks.

  2. sis... cyber hugs for you. i hope you'll feel better na. I miss you na nga rin.
    take care...

  3. hi sis. thanks for droppin' by sa site ko. i will include you in my prayers para mkarecover ka kagad. find time to rest specially this coming weekend. xoxo. rhia

  4. NP's alright..our health must always comes first no matter what. you get well soon!! hugs!

  5. hope you feel better soon. take care.


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