Friday, April 18, 2008

A shopping cart?

I’m curious, how many of you my readers are into online business? Because I know everyone is doing business on the net now. Selling, trading, loan, or even writing papers, printing, banking and what else? In no time we will all be dealing our transactions online. Maybe someday we’ll do our grocery online, or maybe other countries have been doing that. I was just amazed how the internet is changing our lives, before, I only knew shopping cart as the one we used in grocery store, we have it now in the internet.

And if you’re not yet decided what ecommerce software to use when you put up an online store visit Ashop Commerce and look at what they can here for a free trial. We can never tell, maybe I'll be one of your first customers soon or maybe it's the other way around, who knows you'll be my first customer if ever right? I actually want an online toystore, me and my friends put up one last last year but we failed maybe because we need more experience and yes maybe we need to buy an ecommerce software.

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