Thursday, April 10, 2008

project Runway

Last night I chanced upon “project runway” at ETC, it’s a reality show, I believe the contestants are amateur fashion designers but they are good. “Christian” a 21 year old designer won the last challenge last night and I so agree with the judges, his creation is a piece of art.

I really am not into fashion, but watching the show, you can’t help but be amazed on how these people create something so beautiful out of their imagination. I wonder if they really are graduates of fashion schools or is it just a plain talent.

Fashion careers are so in today, actually my boss daughter is taking up one now. I don’t know if it’s an expensive course because I notice that most of the students who took fashion as their profession are rich kids or maybe I am wrong.

I am just wondering though, Do we have enough fashion jobs in the country today? I guess fashion schools are not as popular as cooking schools here or maybe I was wrong.

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