Monday, April 28, 2008

Praying for a cruise?

We didn’t have a decent celebration of our 2nd year wedding anniversary this year, mainly because the date and day that it falls was a Monday and the very first day of Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) in our church where in hubby taught the pre teens class. Another thing is that we are still financially not capable of going out of town at that time as we have already spent for our Ilocos Norte trip last March.

But of course that doesn’t lessen the happiness we felt as we give thanks to God for His 2 years of faithfulness in us. I know someday God will make us celebrate our anniversary in a Christian cruise which we always dreamed of. I can’t imagine me and hubby together with hundreds of believers on a yacht and visiting places that the Apostles Paul has walked on..That would be awesome!

I never knew that there are Christian cruises like this one, Have to share this dream and wish to two of our couple’s friends so we can pray together. And maybe five years or more from now these Christian cruises will be a reality in our married lives. For now, we will keep on praying for the trip to Hongkong and China next year.

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