Monday, April 21, 2008

hard days are here

Do you know how high has the prices gone up now? Everything that is necessary like rice, meat, bread and poultry has gone up. Hard days are here, and to think this government is claiming that the economy has never been this strong?? Sigh, I hope they all one day go to market and check what your 300.00 pesos can buy now.

But I know it’s not only us who are complaining, my friend who lives in the US is also feeling the same way, of course she sends money here so I guess that explains how she feels about it. So now a day, it’s very wise to compare prices before buying anything. I do that on grocery store. It’s good to know there are sites where you can compare prices. Like I have yet to send this to my friend who as I mentioned is now residing in Georgia, She might save some dollars here, She can actually compare the fees for Atlanta dentists, the rent for Atlanta limos and current prices for Atlanta home security systems here. And maybe even more, be it services or prices or anything she needs in her apartment.

Me, on the other hand has to do it whenever I go to grocery stores, yes it consume time but at least it saves me a lot of money and it’s worth it.

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