Tuesday, April 15, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.5

How committed are you to health and fitness?

Hay, I failed so miserably in this aspect of life and of course I only have myself to blame. Last year, hubby encouraged me to move more so we walked every morning around neighboorhood but we stopped for no reason at all, at the last part of the year, me and my friend enrolled in a gym but after a month we also stopped, my reason? I am tired na...

But it has been my ambition to live a healthy lifestyle, There are some changes that I have succesfully made like switching from ordinary oil to canola or soya oil, I heard kasi that is more healthy eh, we also got rid of unhealthy fats in our foods. But still I know I need a regular exercise.

But yeah, I should really committ my self into it, not just want it.

Thanks jan for the reminder!

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