Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coffe break 1.7

This coffee break was supoosed to be written Monday pa, but since I can hardly breath on my loads of work since monday thus the late post. Anyways this week's topic is nice and made me reflect and look back on the happy memories our family had. Again, thanks jan for the coffee break!

"Share with everyone the fondest memory you have of you and your family."

I can't think of one that stand out right now, I am proud to grew up in a close knit family and being the youngest, I grew up with love and care not only from my parents but even from my siblings, but since we are asked to share, let me share you some memories na lang that will always be dear to me.

1. Our Christmas celebrations - This is one big occassion to us, even when we were kids I will always look forward to Christmas, new clothes, new toys hehe! now that we each has his own family na we make sure to go celebrate christmas together and it's such a delight to see all my nieces and nephews gathered around the christmas tree together with thier lolo and lola looking for thier gifts.

2. My eldest sister pamamanhikan - the pamanhikan was instilled forever in my memory, why? because I have never seen my mom cry so hard and so we all cried with her. It's the very first in the family so it was kinda memorable.

3. Weddings - my eldest sister, my only brothere's wedding, my ate Rina's wedding and of course my wedding. but what can be more special than-

4. My parents golden wedding anniversary- They were happy that day, they made a vow again and renewed thier committment to God. We were all happy and we felt so blessed to be able to celebrate that milestone.

5. Birth of all my nieces and nephews - all of them are special to us.

6. Birthdays- there were many birthdays celebration, and we make sure in each big celebration, we are always present.

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